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Parent's right to be concerned

1. Parent’s right to be concerned - when to be concerned
2. Med history letter template
3. Primary contacts in case of concern: Age 0-3: EI program
4. Parent's rights - legal resources
5. Public school system resources: IEP ESL School readiness eval (психотесты)
6. Health system resources: Hearing test Speech pathology eval & insurance Консультации со специалистами
7. Developmental / educational games: Multiple response games; "Be my mirror" "Найди лишнее" с неоднозначными ответами

Yosef's story Предыстория. Визиты к специалистам.(9-2002) -> По следам визита (10-2002) -> Упр. для губ и языка -> Дети из "special ed." (06-2003) -> School readiness tests (05-2003, 02-2004) -> IEP (3-2004) -> Special ed: 3-year reeval, IEP (4-2005)

Jan 2008: Изменения в принципах ведения журнала.

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