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IEP - get off ASAP or stay on as long as possible?

Individual Education Plan - get off while in elementary school or stay on it as long as the school lets you to?
Of course, I put quite some thought into the subject (tags: special ed / IEP.
My son was on IEP from age 3 till 10 and 9 mos. (grade 4).
He is doing fine without IEP and with no accommodation for school tests.
I could've been wrong though accessing the situation and pressing the school to take him off IEP.

Kids grow up. At the end of elementary and in middle school they already don't like the fact they are taken away from the class for the special ed (interruptions, other kids unwanted attention). The thing is you can't get your child back on IEP so be very careful.

It's very hard to decide for yourself and your child whether it's better to cling to special ed or save your child the embarrassment o being singled out. I would say, if you have any doubt that it's time to get off IEP but want to minimize the time away from the class, ask for it. IEP includes instructor helping special ed kids in the class (in our school one instructor would be helping few kids and this help is mostly unnoticeable for classmates). If my son stayed on IEP, I would have asked to keep the instructor's help and therefore retain accommodations for the tests - and drop or reduce the time with specialists outside of the class (unless it could be done before or after normal school classes - the request which was not accommodated in my son's elementary school).

Oh well. It's tough to be a parent.
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