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BH articles about early development and parenting

Is My Child Normal?
Since children develop in different ways and at different times, “normal” is often hard to define and assess. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers this list of seemingly “alarming behavior” as normal things we might see our children doing as they develop:

* A wide range of ages and times when children pick up big milestones, such as rolling over, sitting up, walking, and talking.
* Stuttering in preschool age children.
* Motor tics in preschool and younger school age children.
* Differences in personalities, e.g., some children are very shy and quiet while others are very outgoing.
* Occasional “strange” behaviors, like a 2-year-old who puts his hands in his diaper and smears his poop all over.
* Occasional “difficult” behaviors as your child tests his limits, e.g., lying, swearing, biting.

[yellow_sparrow] The above one makes sense.

Fashion Wars: Avoiding the Battles Over Clothes

...Reserve the right to veto certain clothing.
Even if you feel comfortable letting your children express themselves, let them know that you reserve the right to object to them wearing certain outfits...

[yellow_sparrow] This one makes sense but not for me as a parent.

Caring Touch is Critical to Thriving

Children thrive in environments where their needs for food, shelter, and clothing are met, and where they are treated with respect and kindness. A lesser known factor which also has an impact on children's development is the importance of gentle, thoughtful, appropriate, caring touch. Children who have their basic needs met but don't receive caring touch sometimes struggle to thrive...

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