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504 plan

Met with my 9-year old school teacher at the end of school year (2015, end of 3d grade).

Though his grades are pretty good, when asked, the teacher honestly told me, that his is not doing well organizing his time. He eitehr forgets to do his homework, or forgets to brign it to school, or to hand it in. When kids are asked to put the papers they work on into their folders, by the time other students will do it, he'll be still procrastinating or daydreaming. Also, he talks back. He may argue when students are asked to follow instructions.

She offered to propose to put him on 504 plan. He will get help with executive functions while in  class, be allowed addiitional time durign tests etc. She explained that it's not guaranteed he will be out on  ths plan. I read more about this plan and realized that unless they have unlimited budget, it will be unfair if he receives any resources assoicted with this plan.

My son looks more like a pedagiogical problem to me. When he is motivated to do something (and he is easily motivted by virtual points which are then transalted into 17-minuts installlments of iphone game time), his executive functions are fine. But when he is not, it's difficult to make him do the work. He has little fear and is not concerned by not performing at school.

Is there something I don't understand about him and 504 plan?
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