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18 марта был очередной IEP meeting. Иосифу было 10.5 лет, он заканчивал 4 класс.
Я к тому моменту послала, как обычно, свои соображения по поводу сильных и слабых сторон Иосифа и целей IEP (стандартная форма), н на этот раз выразила пожелание, чтобы IEP закончился.
Иосиф в этом году начал жаловаться, что его забирают с уроков, и я решила, что все, что эти занятия могли ему дать - они уже дали. И его мнение по этому поводу - важно.

Key evaluation results summary:
Psychological evaluation indicated high average ability in verbal comprehasion and perceptual reasoning. Yosef demonstrated, however, problems with sustained attention/mental effort. he had to expend a great deal of effort to remain focused on thinking tasks, and, as a result, his performance began to deteriorate when he reached a certain level of fatigue.

Speech-language assessment indicated that Yosef's skills are now in the average range. His receptive and expressive vocabulary are age appropriate, as are his ability to remember spoken sentences and formulate his own single sentences. Word retrieval issues are not typically evident in his speech. Yosef no longer requires language therapy.

Learning Assessment results indicate that Yosef's math skills are strong for grade placement. Reading skills, both decoding and comprehension are also above grade expectation. Written expression skills are weak in the areas of inclusion of supporting details and clarity.

Occupation Therapy: Yosef previously met his OT benchmarks. He is currently participating in a weekly keyboarding skills class to support typing as a more effciant means of written communication. He is willing and cooperative participant in the class, progressing well through the lessons.

Classroom performance: his classroom teacher reports that Yosef is doing well in the classroom environment regarding his ability to express his ideas without noticeable retrieval difficulties. His greatest gains are seen in his ability to express ideas via written expression. Yosef uses learned strategies and applies them to new areas.

Results of MCAS and ERB tests administered in Spring, 2008: MCAS ELA "proficient"; MCAS math "above proficient"; ERB reading comprehension 97%ile and math 99%ile according to national norms. Yosef scored in the "transitioning" range on the MEPA administered in Spring, 2008.

Во время встречи обсудили, как можно продолжать IEP. Но вместе с тем, они сказали, что дождутся результатов еще каких-то тестов и, скорей всего, IEP отменят, так что не надо торопиться высылать им подписанную первую версию. Не поленились прислать мне новый IEP, а вскоре - короткий документ на тему "The school district is refusing to continue Yosef's IEP". Звучит грозно, но все довольны.

Конец IEP.
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